How to Talk to the Dead: A Psychic-Medium Shares His Secrets

Psychic-medium Scott Davis has been able to see and speak to the dead since he was a child.

Psychic-medium Scott Davis says he's communicated with spirits and ghosts for as long as he can remember. It wasn’t until his 30s, however, that he began sharing his gift to help others contact their loved ones, giving them guidance for the future.

“As I psychic I pick up on things that are happening in people’s lives,” Davis told “And then on the medium side, I pick on people’s lost loved ones or friends who have a message to deliver.”

When Davis was younger, he said he'd talk to spirits, scaring his parents. He stopped tapping into the gift because it wasn't something the people around him readily approved of. 

For years, he buried it. But when he hit 30, he said, his ability resurfaced.

“I started communicating with spirits and they would give me information for mostly people I knew,” Davis said.

From there, things blossomed. Now, the 37-year-old father of two gives readings on the regular and conducts paranormal investigations with a crew to help people get to the bottom of strange happenings in their homes.

Davis said getting in touch with spirits isn’t as hard as one might think, and most people can do it.

“I think it’s like athletics. I could shoot some hoops, but I would never be in college league,” Davis said. “There are guys who have always been able to do it. This is the same thing. I’m naturally more in tune so I can do operate the way I do. But [anyone] can do it if you practice.”

In honor of Halloween, Davis has one major tip for people who may want to explore their abilities — meditation.

First, he said, clear your head of thoughts and worries.

“It doesn’t mean you have to sit on the beach in lotus position at sunrise,” Davis said. “It can be anywhere you are comfortable. Close your eyes and let your imagination go.”

Then, he said, picture the person you want to speak to and write down whatever comes to you.

Getting in touch with the world beyond, he insisted, is that simple.

Davis joined for a trip to one of the most haunted houses in New York. For more of what happened, check out the video above.