These Ghost Hunters Claim Spirits Posed for a Photo With Them

Ghost hunters have the difficult job of capturing evidence of encounters with the supernatural.

Ghost hunters have the difficult job of capturing evidence of their encounters with the supernatural — and sometimes that means putting themselves in harm's way.

While exploring Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire, England, paranormal investigators Craig Jones and Matt Wood posed at a spot with what they call "static spiritual energy," inviting any spirits in for a photograph. 

The results were spooky. “What we can say for definite that there was an energy build-up around us when we asked for them to have a photo taken with us," Jones told Caters News Agency. 

He added: “Later, when we looked at the photos, in every one that was being taken at that time, we could see it moving around us."

And they aren't the only ones who've claimed to have a close encounter. 

Tony Ferguson is an avid ghost hunter who said he was attacked at a cave in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales.

“People had told me about having paranormal experiences in the cave, but nobody had taken any video or pictures so I decided to explore," he told Caters. 

Immediately upon entering the cave, he sensed a presence, he said. 

“Then I saw this mist come at me. It went straight through my body and left me feeling really winded," he said. "I felt like I was going to pass out. As soon as it happened, my first thought was, ‘I need to get the hell out of here.’

"It was too much."

Check out the video above to witness what these ghost hunters saw.