Paranormal Investigator Thinks He's Found a 'Time Warp' Outside Las Vegas

Time anomaly Nevada

Joshua Warren believes time slows down just north of Sin City.

A paranormal investigator believes he's pinpointed an abnormality in space-time outside Las Vegas.

Joshua Warren, whose bio boasts appearances on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Nat Geo, says time slows down measurably just north of Sin City in a spot he's calling a the "Vegas Interstate Time Anomaly."

"I am the first person to use a brand-new technology, a Differential Time Rate Meter, or DT-Meter, to search for time anomalies near Vegas," Warren said in a statement. "I traveled to Area 51 for tests, but I found the strangest reading much closer to Vegas."

Warren said the DT-Meter showed that time slows down by 20 microseconds, or twenty 100 thousandths of a second, just north of the city between I-15 and Route 93.

"This is also an area where many strange lights have been recorded in the sky at night," Warren said. "I think there may be a space-time warp on the edges of the city, but there has been so much man-made tech nearby that it's taken a while to realize what's naturally happening in the surrounding hills and mountains."

Warren believes the anomaly could be caused by several factors. If naturally occurring, he believes it may be the reason Vegas is such an offbeat town.

However, he also said he's open to more earthbound reasons. Specifically, he said he's open to the possibility that government technology is behind the anomalies.

"There are many secret projects taking place around here," Warren said. "Las Vegas is an important crossroads for strange phenomena, and it may be a combo of what is naturally here and how the government is taking advantage of it."

Warren said his research into the phenomena has only just begun.