Is This a Ghost Floating Over the Tower of London?

A man captured the spooky "figure" on camera.

A man believes he may have spotted a ghost in eerie footage shot at the Tower of London.

Paranormal investigator Mark Vernon, 52, visited the historic building in June, when he recorded a video showing an unusual grey shape moving around in the sky near the tower.

"I could feel the presence," Vernon said. "It's like a little electrical shock when a presence comes close to me."

Vernon believes the "figure" he captured was the entity of a lost soul from the tower.

“That's why I started filming," he said.

As Vernon was following the ghostly figure with his camera; however, he said his battery ran out.

Vernon said he often has what he calls paranormal experiences, including separate instances at the Tower of London.

"I have filmed inside there and caught other stuff on camera as well as recording electronic voice phenomena," Vernon added.