A Real-Life Star Trek? Strange Video of UFO Has Internet Buzzing

The video of the craft flashing an eerie glow has led to all kinds of speculation.

Did airport employees have a close encounter with the third kind? A phenomenon that hovered over Miami International Airport has taken the world by storm after it was posted on social media.

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After it was posted to LiveLeak last week, the video went viral and has became the talk of social media, with many asking whether we are alone in the universe

"They are coming," was one response.

"Welcome to the world of aliens," was another.

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A hovering blue orb was filmed in September by the grounds crew at the airport and uploaded to YouTube. The blue orb that stretched across the sky turned out to be an Atlas V rocket that launched from Cape Canaveral and into outer space just before sunrise.

Its glowing trail comes from the rising morning sun reflecting off of the rocket's exhaust.

The rocket successfully delivered a $7.5 billion Navy communications satellite into orbit.

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