Huge Alligator Displaced by Hurricane Sally Swims Across Alabama Front Yard

Areas in Alabama flooded by Hurricane Sally featured massive alligators and other critters.

Giant alligators were seen lurking in floodwaters after Hurricane Sally blasted Alabama.

Resident Tina Bennett posted footage of an alligator, measuring 10 to 12 feet, wading through her front yard in Gulf Shores.

"Look at that alligator, that is right outside the window. He's going into the neighbor's driveway. This is why we don't want to go outside here on the island. And there's many more. Oh he is a monster," she says.

One person was reported dead Wednesday in Orange Beach, Alabama, according to Mayor Tony Kennon.

At least 50 people were plucked from flooded homes and transported to shelters. "We got a few people that we just haven't been able to get to because the water is so high,' the mayor said. "'But they are safe in their homes. As soon as the water recedes, we will rescue them."

The storm soaked the area and blew down trees, peeled back roofs and building facades before lessening to a tropical depression. 

More than 500,000 people were left without power. Officials warned residents to avoid flooded areas, which contained dangerous water creatures including eels and alligators.