Hulking Alligator Cozies Up to Louisiana Home's Front Door

St Martin Parish Sheriff's Office

Florida may have hog the share of alligator stories, but a close encounter on Friday reminds us the wild beasts roam far outside the Sunshine State.

A home in Louisiana got a visit from a particularly rotund reptile on Friday, when it plopped itself right at the front door.

The St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office shared photos of the spectacle after getting a no doubt frightened call to the home. 

"Just another day in the life of a St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office patrol deputy,'' the agency wrote on Facebook post. "Always look before you step.''

It's unclear why gators seem so keen on serving as menacing doormats, but officials want some folks who live amongst the beasts to know that the change in seasons doesn't mean they don't still pose a threat.

At least in Florida, the Sun-Sentinel reports that wildlife experts are warning locals to hold their pets and children close near alligator habitats through Autumn.

As for the Louisiana gator, the sheriff's office said they're not sure exactly how far it traveled to make it's unwelcome house call. 


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