Hunt Is on for Suspect Nicknamed 'Psycho,' Feared to Be Colorado Killer, as Remains of 3 People Found

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Colorado police are looking for Adre "Psycho" Baroz in connection to spate of missing persons

Colorado investigators are looking for a homicide suspect who is on the run after human remains were discovered in a rural community near the New Mexico border, according to a report. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is looking into the case following a spate of missing persons who reportedly vanished in August, the Denver Gazette reported.

Sources told the outlet that the case might involve several missing persons in the Conejos County area in the south-central part of the state.

"It's too early to say," Chief Kenny Anderson said in regard to the suspect being a serial killer.

Police found human remains on two separate properties in the county and they are currently being analyzed and identified.

"The [remains] have been recovered and are currently being analyzed as part of the identification process. The sites are in close proximity to one another near the town of Las Sauces in Conejos County," CBI said in a news release. "The property owners are not currently living at these properties."

Five agencies are involved in the investigation include the CBI, Monte Vista, and Alamosa police departments, and the Saguache County Sheriff's Office.

The Chaffee County Sheriff said that the May disappearance of a 49-year-old mother is not connected to this case.

"We have found remains of three victims at this point," said Chief Kenny Anderson of the Alamosa Police Department –– adding that is all the department will release at this time.

The Alamosa Police Department has identified a suspect in the case as Adre Baroz, 26, from Sanford, Colorado, but he is on the run, according to a virtual press conference Wednesday morning. Police have an active warrant out for him for homicide. He is commonly called by his nickname, which police have learned, is "Psycho."

"Our main goal is to get him off the street," said Sheriff Garth Crowther. "He is a danger to the public."