Hurricane Dorian Leaves a Trail of Destruction as It Winds North

Inside Edition rode along with a search and rescue team in Florida to get a glimpse of the damage.

Inside Edition’s Diane McInerney spent the early hours of Wednesday morning in storm-lashed New Smyrna Beach, Florida, as Hurricane Dorian swept by the peninsula. 

“We're being pelted with what feels like a sandstorm or a snowstorm at this point, and you can see out there the waves are getting bigger and bigger by the minute,” she said. 

But it didn't compare to the devastation seen in the Bahamas, where the official death toll is seven. For days, it was feared storm chaser Josh Morgerman was among the dead. He tweeted at various times Sunday, and for two days, as Dorian pounded the Bahamas, no one heard from him and friends feared the worst.

Then, on Tuesday, 55 hours after he was last heard from, came a tweet.

"I’m alive ... by far the most intense cyclone I’ve witnessed in 28 years of chasing. Thought I was playing it safe by riding it out in a solid-concrete school ... Thought wrong,” he said. 

Morgerman spoke to The Weather Channel shortly after he surfaced.

"We couldn’t see cars that were parked 20 feet away. It was just solid white and a roaring sound. When that cloak of whiteness disappeared you just saw cars thrown in every direction and mutilated, it was like everything happened under this cloak of whiteness," he said. 

The storm is now winding northward, taking aim at the Carolinas.