Hurricane Dorian Headed Straight for Multimillion-Dollar Homes on Florida Coast

Inside Edition's Diane McInerney went down to Jacksonville to see how the city is preparing for the storm.

As Hurricane Dorian makes its way to the U.S. East Coast, residents in Florida are preparing for the worst the storm can bring.

Tuesday afternoon, a bulldozer built barriers in anticipation of storm surge. A whole entire dune is protecting the people who live on the waterfront of Jacksonville, the hotels, the restaurants and the multi-million-dollar homes in the path of the hurricane.

Ocean Rescue Cpt. Rich Banks, while issuing one final warning to residents that the water is closed, told Inside Edition that the threat of the storm is “very serious.” 

Inside Edition found two youngsters helping their mom to protect their home with sandbags. They said they are worried about the hurricane. 

No food deliveries are coming into Jacksonville and some spots have run out of supplies to feed people, including the hotel where Inside Edition's crew is staying to whether the storm. 

In the Bahamas, the island paradise is reeling from Dorian. The storm has flooded hospitals and the airport in Nassau. One woman took in nearly 100 stray dogs and gave them sanctuary as Dorian raged.