How Airlines Are Making It Easier to Change Flights Ahead of Hurricane Dorian

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Hurricane Dorian is gaining strength in the Atlantic as it barrels toward Florida for what's thought to be a Labor Day strike.

The storm is forecast to become much more powerful and could potentially be a Category 4 system with sustained maximum winds of 130 mph by the time it makes landfall. 

Its impact is already being felt. While the storm is still days away, some airlines are scrapping change fees, hoping to encourage travelers to alter their plans for the holiday weekend, which is expected to see around 17 million passengers take to the skies. 

"Hurricanes have a nasty tendency to hit during holiday periods, this is one of them," CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg told Inside Edition.

That's why, he added, he recommends booking hotels that offer a hurricane guarantee, which allows you to reschedule at no or little cost if a storm does interrupt your plans. He also suggests travelers purchase insurance, but explained that you need to do it early.

"Make sure you do that before next year's hurricane season," Greenberg said, adding that once a hurricane is named, you're out of luck

On the ground, stores are already selling out of water in Florida, with the checkout line stretching out the door at a Costco in North Miami. Queues at local gas stations are also long as drivers wait to fill up. 


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