Lucky Woman Wins Lottery Twice in 2 Years — at the Same Store!

Peggy Dodson of Lancaster County won $1 million this time around.

A Pennsylvania woman is on a lucky streak after winning the lottery twice in two years.

Peggy Dodson of Lancaster County won $1 million Thursday when she bought at Max-A-Million scratch-off ticket from a local grocery store. 

"I liked that ticket because of the color purple, so it was the first one [on the roll] and it was the million-dollar winner!" Dodson told lottery officials. 

As if the win wasn’t lucky enough, it comes just two years after Dodson won a $100,000 jackpot from a Family Feud scratch-off she bought at the same store.

This time around, she plans to pay off some bills and go on vacation

"We're going to pay our mortgage off, we'll pay our truck off and we'll go to the Grand Canyon and Alaska!" Dodson said.