Boy Throws Birthday Party at Costco, Where Mini-Membership Cards Replaced Name Tags

"I love Costco and the smiley face on the receipt," 4-year-old Armando Martinez said.

Many love Costco, but this 4-year-old took his adoration a step further and held his birthday party there.

Armando Martinez of California invited friends and families to the bulk store’s Norwalk location for an afternoon of samples and pizza.

“I love Costco,” the birthday boy told “And the smiley face on the receipt.”

His mom, Joanna Martinez, explained that her son has been asking her for a birthday party at Costco for months but she had brushed it off until little Armando declared it in at one of his friend’s birthday parties, and other parents were behind the idea.

“I called Costco corporate and they were telling me it had never been done, so they didn’t know if it could be done,” Martinez said. “And for me to imitate the whole Costco store at home would be too much.”

Armando’s dad, Armando Martinez Sr., said he never had a doubt.

“I knew she would eventually get a yes for the party,” he joked.

Sure enough, Martinez was able to get in touch with several members of their team and got the ball rolling to host the boy and all of his friends.

The company even had food court staff prepare Armando’s favorite foods ahead of time and serve them.

Instead of name tags, Martinez made all the kids membership cards and adults were invited play a game that required them to guess the price of different products.

It was a birthday to remember for Armando and he’s already excited for next year's fete, hopefully at Costco again.