13-Year-Old Honors Central Park Five With Amazing Backpack Painting

He painted the piece in three hours.
Tyler Gordon

Tyler Gordon painted a picture of them on his backpack so he could “carry their story” with him.

“When They See Us,” a recent Netflix series about the Central Park Five, has inspired a 13-year-old so much that he now wants to honor them whatever way he can.

Tyler Gordon, who lives in San Jose, California, said he got to meet the men, now known as the Exonerated Five, at the BET Awards earlier this year. To pay tribute to them, he painted a picture of them on his backpack so he could “carry their story” with him.

Tyler found the original image online, done by artist Serygraphy, and recreated it with acrylic paint on his white backpack. “Everyone who asks me knows who they are and their story,” Tyler told InsideEdition.com. "I get to tell them all about."

Now, Tyler says people have been asking him to make more of the backpacks and he’s working on new design, which will be in color. 

Tyler’s mom, Nicole Kindle, said she’s proud of her son’s initiative.

“He is someone I look up to,” Kindle said. “For him to be so young, he is the most humble kid you could meet.”