The Backpack Kid Celebrates His 17th Birthday With a New EP (and a Final)

Meanwhile, Russell Horning's mom is suing "Fortnite" for allegedly stealing his signature move.

Not every 17-year-old celebrates their birthday with a new EP, but not every 17-year-old is The Backpack Kid.


Russell Horning, better known as The Backpack Kid, celebrated his 17th birthday on Wednesday with his debut four-song EP, "SwagPack Kid."

“The only thing I ask from everybody for my birthday is to enjoy the EP as much as I do,” Horning told “No money, no games, that’s all I want for my birthday.

Horning explained the EP has been in the works for the last year and a half, which “is a long time for four songs, I would think.”

The lead single, "Drip on Boat," features rapper Swaghollywood and showcases Horning’s signature dance move, "The Floss," in a music video recreation of “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Meanwhile, Horning’s mom is suing the video game "Fortnite" for allegedly using his popular dance move in the game without permission. 

“Me personally, I don’t really know the law like that, so I can't tell you if they are taking advantage of me or why,” Horning said. “But my mom and my management team insisted on suing.”

He joins Alfonso Ribeiro and 2 Milly, who are also suing the game's developers, Epic Games and 2K. In a statement to, Epic Games said, "We do not comment on ongoing litigation." 2K Games did not respond.

Horning has been a viral sensation since appearing on "Saturday Night Live" with Katy Perry and stealing the spotlight with his deadpan expression, backpack and contagious dance moves.

“I had no idea when I first started doing this in my room it would go worldwide,” Horning said.


He explained he’s been enjoying traveling the world since his newfound fame and now does half his schooling online to accommodate his schedule.

Even so, Horning said he has one last final exam before birthday celebrations begin.

“I always have a final on my birthday,” he joked.