High School Lunch Lady Gifted New Car from Secret Santa As Her Husband Battles Cancer and Lupus

Cheryl Stewart works several jobs around Driggs as her husband is out of work for his illness.

An Idaho lunch lady down on her luck got the surprise of a lifetime when an anonymous Secret Santa gifted her a brand new car.

Cheryl Stewart could barely contain her excitement when reporters from EastIdahoNews.com broke the news that she would be gifted a car, courtesy of a local Secret Santa.


“Thank you, Secret Santa, whoever you are,” Stewart said. “This is going to help me so much, we struggled so much.”

Stewart, who works at Teton High School and does other odd jobs around Driggs, was called in for an emergency shift at the school’s cafeteria. But when she got there, she was surprised with the good news.  

“You guys, they bought me a car,” she announced to students as she made her way down a hallway. “Can you believe this? I can’t even breathe.”

Stewart and her husband have been battling a bout of tough luck. Stewart, who is a survivor of colon cancer, is now supporting her husband as he battles prostate cancer and lupus. Because he can’t work, Stewart does various jobs around town, including cleaning, in addition to her job in the high school cafeteria.

She gets between her jobs in a car she borrowed from her parents after the engine in her van gave out.

In her spare time, Stewart also bakes rolls for all the funerals in Teton Valley.

This Christmas break, she plans to get surgery because she couldn’t afford to take additional days off.

“Sorry, I’m shaking,” Stewart said as she received the good news. She was also gifted $100 in addition to the new car.