Hurricane Florence: The Dramatic Rescues in the Wake of Devastating Storm

The U.S. Coast Guard has made dozens of rescues as floodwaters continue to rise.

Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian was trapped in the flooded city of Wilmington over the weekend, along with 60,000 beleaguered residents with no power as Hurricane Florence tore through the city. 

Fabian toured his North Carolina hotel with the help of a flashlight. The hotel was running on a generator and some guests decided to us the stairs to get around.

There were dramatic rescues across the state as a result of the devastating storm. 

A sick woman was airlifted from her flooded home by the U.S. Coast Guard while her husband stayed behind.  

In addition, a chopper team rescued 26 adults, 11 children, 7 dogs and 4 cats in a single shift.

On the ground rescue crews were going from house to house looking for those in need of help. 

A bedridden woman was rescued using a ladder as a makeshift gurney.

Many pets were left behind to fend for themselves while their families evacuated. 

Two kittens nearly drowned but they were among the lucky ones to be picked up by rescuers. 

One man escaped his flooded home with his kitten, appropriately named Survivor, sheltered in his coat. 

Rescue workers reached three cold, wet and traumatized dogs trapped in a flooded cage, and released them as the water level rose. They then ushered the animals to safety.