Husband Falls Into Mouth of Volcano on His Honeymoon

He's lucky to be alive after falling 60 feet and breaking his skull and jaw.

An Indianapolis man is lucky to be alive after falling into the mouth of a volcano on his honeymoon.

Acaimie and Clay Chastain were married in Indianapolis on July 13th. They left the next day for their honeymoon on the breathtaking island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean, and the newlyweds were excited about exploring the Mount Liamuiga volcano. Mount Liamuiga has been dormant for 1,800 years.

After hiking nearly 3,800 feet to the peak, Acaimie, who has a fear of heights, decided to stay back while her husband scaled down a rope and explored the interior of the volcano.

That's when Clay fell more than 60 feet. Acaimie, in an effort to save her husband, ignored her fear of heights and climbed down. Clay was unconscious when she reached him. 

“It was probably just a couple of minutes later that I heard, like, what sounded like a branch snapping,” she said at a press conference. “I didn't know if he had any internal injuries and I was completely freaked out because I knew we were entirely alone.”

“It's possible that I slipped but I find it more likely that a rope broke on me or came untied,” Clay added. 

Clay had a fractured skull and broken jaw. They had no cell service, and Acaimie wasn't about to lose her husband of just five days.   

“So I knew that we were going to have to climb out of the volcano, as ridiculous as that sounds,” she said. 

She hiked 3 miles with him. 

“I just basically was telling him where exactly to put his feet and I pushed from his butt to get us back out,” she added.