Husband of Missing Mom Dumped Trash Bags at 30 Different Spots on Day She Vanished: Police

Police say investigators recovered several items and found the mom's blood.

On the day his wife disappeared, authorities say the estranged husband of a missing Connecticut woman drove for 4 miles along a street in Hartford, disposing of garbage bags.

According to police, Fotis Dulos, 51, dumped the bags and other items at 30 different locations on the route, including in trash receptacles and, in at least one case, a storm drain. Video showed he was accompanied by a woman who appears to be 44-year-old Michelle Troconis, Dulos' girlfriend. 

Both Dulos and Troconis are charged with tampering with evidence in the disappearance of his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos, with whom he was in the midst of a nasty divorce.

The drive was captured at several points on surveillance video, but officials are hoping other local residences and businesses may have caught more footage. Some of the items recovered by police have Jennifer's blood on them, leading them to believe that she is likely dead, though her remains have yet to be located. 

According to police, the home where Jennifer, a 50-year-old mother of five, was staying showed signs of blood stains in her garage and blood spatter elsewhere. There were also signs that an attempt had been made to clean the blood. 

Fotis and Jennifer have been involved in a bitter divorce for the past two years. Their five children, who range in age from 8 to 13, are all currently staying with Jennifer's mother in New York City, where they are reportedly being protected by an armed guard. 

In court papers, Jennifer referred to Troconis as her husband's "paramour" and claimed he wanted her to move into the "marital home." 

"When I disagreed, he became enraged," she claimed in the papers. 

She also told a judge she feared her estranged husband would kidnap her children or kill her. Fotis refuted her allegations, saying there is "no reason" for Jennifer or anyone else to fear he "will harm her in any way."

Fotis and Troconis were arraigned Monday. They did not enter pleas. Troconis was released on bail while Fotis remains behind bars.