Husband of Missing Colorado Mom Suzanne Morphew Says Police Allegedly Botched Investigation

Barry Morphew spoke on the disappearance of his wife, Suzanne Morphew, who vanished on Mother's Day.

There is still no sign of Suzanne Morphew, a Colorado mom who reportedly set out on a bike ride on Mother's Day, and never returned. Now, Morphew's husband, Barry, is saying police are trying to accuse him of his wife's disappearance. 

"There is nothing I'm hiding," Barry said as he expressed concern with the Chaffee County Sheriff's Office's handling of the investigation into his wife's disappearance. 

"The Sheriff's Department screwed this whole thing up from the beginning, and now they are trying to cover it up and blame it on me," he said. 

The 49-year-old mother of two went missing May 10 after going on a solo bike ride in Maysville, Colorado. Suzanne's two daughters were on a camping trip out of state, and a neighbor reported her missing. 

One week after her disappearance, Suzanne's husband released a video on Facebook, pleading for her safe return to him and their two daughters. In the video, he offered a $100,000 and another $100,000 was provided by a family friend, according to a report.

Over the past three months, there has been a massive search in search of Suzanne through Chafee County, Colorado that has included volunteers, divers, tactical mountain rescuers and search dogs. The FBI and The Colorado Bureau of Investigation were also called in on the case that has sparked international and national interest.

Early in the search, investigators found Suzanne's bike and a personal item that has not been disclosed.

When Suzanne's bike was discovered, Barry slammed law enforcement officials for "destroying evidence." He claimed that they did not properly document the discovery correctly. 

"My buddy was there right after that, and he said that they completely destroyed the evidence," Barry said. "There's no evidence for the investigators to see because the Sheriff's Department completely obliterated it." 

Since the story broke, investigators have searched the $1.5 million home Suzanne shared with her husband and their two daughters twice. 

In May, the FBI conducted a three-day search of the construction site Barry was working on in Salida. The site is located about 12 miles from the couple's home, next to Maysville's town. A resident on the same street claimed to have been awoken by a loud noise the night before Suzanne vanished, reported by the Daily Mail. 

Despite the extensive search of the property, investigators found no clues.

In his first interview since his wife's disappearance, Barry told a reporter at Fox 21 Denver that he has continued to search for Suzanne. Barry, who described Suzanne as a person of faith, called his wife "the love of his life."

"I am afraid of what is out there," he said to the Colorado news station. "People don't know the truth, so they're gonna think what they gonna think." 

Barry denied claims that he had ever been asked to give a polygraph, saying he sat for hours of interviews with the CBI and FBI, and only gave one inconsistent account to police regarding his Bobcat because he claimed he was "befuddled in the immediate aftermath of Suzanne's disappearance."

According to multiple reports, Barry theorized that his wife may have been attacked by an animal, or worse, may have encountered someone with malicious intentions. "We are just a Godly, loving, caring, family, and this thing is just a tragedy."

On Aug. 10, investigators were making a big push to distribute flyers about Suzanne, according to a report from CBS Denver.

The Chaffee County Sheriff's Department declined to comment to Inside Edition Digital on Suzanne Morphew husband's claims regarding his wife's case. However, in July, Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said the case remains "very active," with more than a dozen investigators aggressively working on the case daily.

"My wife and I have been in love since 1988," Barry said. "I continue to search for her every day, and I will find her. I promise, and I promised my girls that."

Andy Moorman, Suzanne's brother, told Fox News, reported by The Sun today, that he would continue searching for his sister. He sent out a plea to his brother-in-law: "You need to find your wife. That should be your only goal is to find your wife, and whatever you're asked to do by the authorities is what you should."

"If you're not guilty, step up to the plate."

He added: "She has two daughters without answers right now. My father at 87 has cancer and needs answers," he said. "And I'm not going to give up. I'm coming back out there to look." 

The Chaffee County Sheriff's Department is urging anyone with information to call 719-312-7530.