Husband of Teacher Arrested Blames Stress for Bizarre Hair-Cutting Incident: She Must Have 'Flipped Out'

Margaret Gieszinger was filmed chasing students with scissors before she was arrested.

A California teacher has become the center of national attention after she was filmed singing the national anthem while cutting a student’s hair against their will.

Chemistry teacher Margaret Gieszinger, 52, shocked the class when she suddenly took scissors to a male student’s hair. The student walked away, but the teacher was not done and tried to turn her scissors on the hair of a female student who then ran. 

Video showed Gieszinger chasing the students with the pair of scissors. She was ultimately arrested for a child endangerment charge and is currently behind bars. 

Her husband, Peter, spoke to Inside Edition about the odd incident, saying he too was astounded by the video.

"[It] is beyond anything I could imagine," he said. “Something happened to her, stress-wise, and she just must have flipped out."

Students at the high school outside Fresno, California, say the teacher had been acting odd for several days before the incident. Her credentials have reportedly been suspended twice before.

The teacher is being held on $100,000 bail while the district attorney reviews the case.