Ice Cream Craving Leads to $400,000 Connecticut Lottery Win

Connecticut Lottery
Connecticut Lottery

Now that's sweet!

A Connecticut woman says her husband’s sweet tooth landed her a lottery jackpot worth $400,000. 

Lisa Nagy, of Easton, told Connecticut Lottery officials she and her husband were on their way home on "date night" when he suggested they stop at a store for ice cream.

"Can you get me one of the Win for Life tickets too?" Nagy asked her husband before he went inside the store.

It turned out to be a life-changing question.

Nagy’s husband came out of the store with ice cream and a Win Up to $2,000 a Month for Life 2nd Edition ticket. When she scratched it off she was shocked to spot the “WIN FOR LIFE” symbol. 

"Honey, I think I won!" Nagy said she told her husband. "I was pleasantly surprised! I sent a picture to my friend and went back to the retailer to use the ticket checker."

After confirming her win, Nagy decided to opt for the $400,000 lump sum.

"I feel very, very blessed! If I can do something good with [the prize], I hope to," she said.