Idaho Family Finds Underground Room After Garage Floor Collapses: 'The County Has No Record of This'

A second hidden room may also exist, authorities told the family.

An Idaho family made an unsettling discovery when the floor of their garage collapsed, exposing a hidden, underground room.

Brittany Bush said she and her husband, Tanner, were asleep when they awoke to a loud noise in their East Idaho home at about 4 a.m. on Jan. 9.

Her husband searched the home in case someone was trying to break in, but he and Bush went back to sleep when he couldn’t find anyone or anything amiss, Bush said.

“We went back to bed wondering what we heard,” Bush wrote on Facebook. “Now we know.”

The next day, Bush went into the garage in search of tote bags to put away her Christmas decorations. Instead, she found herself falling through the floor and screaming for help.

“[I] looked down and screamed for Tanner when I saw what happened,” she recounted. “Feeling so blessed I didn't fall in!”

The family first thought a sinkhole caused the collapse, but quickly they realized that there was little underneath to support the weight of the garage floor.

“There is a room down there with shelves,” Bush said “It looks like a bomb shelter. The county has no record of this structure anywhere.”

Children’s toys, a woman’s handbag, hair curlers and a letter were found on the shelves inside the hidden room, which was built under just two inches of cement.

An engineer who accompanied the Bush’s insurance provider to inspect the damage said a second room may exist and doesn't think the the room could be a bomb shelter, she told

“He says this looks very sketchy and is wondering what the backstory is,” she told the newspaper. “They [the insurance provider and engineer] said, ‘Don’t be alarmed if there is a body down there. We hope there’s not but if there is, stop what you’re doing and call the police.'”