Idaho Man Missing for Several Days Found Alive Pinned Under Truck

Authorities found the missing man pinned under an overturned truck.
Authorities found the missing man pinned under an overturned truck.(Idaho Falls Fire Department)

The 21-year-old's truck rolled into a ravine in a remote area outside Idaho Falls.

An Idaho man missing for several days was found trapped underneath an overturned truck.

Joe Rightmire, 21, was freed Monday by rescue crews after his truck rolled into a ravine near Idaho Falls at least two days before.

His sister, Tasha Goforth, found him after “actively searching for him in the area,” the Idaho Falls Fire Department said in a statement.

When rescuers arrived, they said Rightmire was pinned to the ground and partially ejected from the car – a position he most likely maintained for several days.

He was conscious and able to speak to rescuers as they used airbags to inflate the vehicle off him. They pulled him out using extrication equipment.

Medics were then able to stabilize him and transport him to the hospital by helicopter.

Doctors said Rightmire was dehydrated but suffered no broken bones. He is now in stable condition and recovering at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.