Identical Twins Earn Full Rides to College Together

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Identical twins Deontae and Deontrae Wright have more than just their looks in common.

The Ohio brothers have always been competitive, spending their whole lives trying to out-twin the other.

"It all started when we were in sixth grade, when we applied for the young scholars program for Ohio State. And in order to stay in the program, we have to maintain a 3.3 [GPA]. So we basically took it upon ourselves to basically see who would score the highest," said Deontrae.

And their rivalry grew from there.

"Since then, we've had a competition with each other. Who would get their license first, who would score higher on tests and quizzes. And we kept the same mindset until now," Deontrae added.

Going up against one another took Deontae and Deontrae straight to the top of their Scott High School class. Deontae, which his 4.5 GPA is the valedictorian, and Deontrae is the salutatorian with his 4.4 GPA.

And now, they both have full rides to Ohio State University.

"It felt great at the end of the day knowing our hard work paid off," said Deontae.

The teens, who both volunteer and work, hope to become electrical engineers.


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