Indiana 3rd Grader Makes Pillows for Patients Battling Cancer Because 'Everyone Needs to Be Comfortable'

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Abbi Zamani knows that people battling cancer need to feel loved and supported when they're undergoing treatment. Her own mom is currently facing the disease. 

So together with her grandmother, the third-grader hand-sews colorful pillows for patients at Hux Cancer Center in Terre Haute, Indiana, WTHI reported.

"I just like all the pillows because it reminds me that everyone needs to be comfortable," Abbi told WTHI. "I like to let people know that I love them and that they can fight cancer."

Abbi drops the pillows off at the hospital herself, and patients can choose one on their way into the infusion room, where they undergo chemotherapy.

So far, Abbi and her grandma have sewn 50 pillows, but their goal is to double that number.

Amanda Mouck, a registered nurse at the hospital, said patients now bring their pillows in with them to each treatment. 

"It melts your heart," Mouck told WTHI. "Especially someone so young who has so much kindness and empathy and compassion in their heart, and wanting to take her time to make these for the patients."

Abbi will start third grade at Van Duyn Elementary School this fall, but she's determined to keep sewing too. 

Mouck said Abbi is an inspiration to others. 

"I would say other kids have a lot to learn from this little girl," she said. "I'm hoping that kids her age who are watching this can find the kindness in their hearts to want to give and help others." 


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