Indiana Mom Gives Birth to Baby in Shower During Snowstorm

Brylye Jones had gone to the hospital with contractions twice and was sent home both times.

A pregnant Indiana woman recently found herself at home in a snowstorm and ready to give birth — and the blessed event all went down in a bathtub.

Brylye Jones had been to the hospital twice over the weekend with contractions and been sent home both times, but when baby Mathue was ready, he didn't wait. 

The whole thing was over in a matter of minutes, Jones told WTHI.

Jones' brother burst through the door after the fact. "Are you okay?" Jones remembers her brother asking.

"And I’m like, ‘No Patrick, don't come in here!’ And he's like, ‘Oh crap! You've got a baby!' and then he ran out the door," Jones said.

A 911 call documented Patrick's shock.

"I need an ambulance... as soon as possible," Patrick told the dispatcher. "My sister just had her baby in the shower."

Luckily, Jones knew her little boy was okay, thanks to a high school child development class. "I knew to suck out his mouth because of the class and I knew that you needed to make sure he was breathing okay and that his color was okay," she said.

Jones and Mathue eventually made it to the hospital and were expected home on Wednesday.