Indiana Police Plead for Help in Finding Missing Mom Najah Ferrell Who Vanished 2 Weeks Ago

Najah Ferrell vanished two weeks ago in Indiana.
Najah Ferrell was last seen on March 15.Avon Police Dept.

The Indiana mother vanished after leaving for work, police said.

Indiana investigators are begging for the public's help in locating a mother who disappeared on her way to a new job.

Najah Ferrell, 30, vanished on March 15 after leaving her Avon home around 3 a.m. for employee orientation at a Panera sandwich shop in Indianapolis, authorities said.

"We're convinced, this family is convinced, this community is convinced also, somebody knows something," said Avon Police Department Chief of Investigations Brian Nugent at a recent press conference, in which he and family members pleaded for information about the missing mom of two biological sons and three foster children.

"She should be here with her boys," Ferrell's weeping mother, Paula, said at the news briefing. "They've never been without their mother."

Investigators have no idea what happened to the young mother, Nugent told on Monday. "She would never have left her children," he said. 

Ferrell was reported missing after she failed to pick up her children after school, Nugent said. She also didn't show up for her third day of work at Panera. The devoted and responsible mother would not just walk away from her family and fiance, relatives said.

Her 2018 black Nissan Altima was found days later in Indianapolis, about 2 1/2 miles from her job, Nugent said. Some personal belongings were discovered at a construction site not far away, he said. No details were given about her recovered possessions.

“Anyone that leaves their family for an extended period of time, we would call that suspicious. For a mother to not know where her children are at, and for her children to not know where their mother is at, is not only heartbreaking, but it’s certainly suspicious,” Nugent told reporters.

Her mother sobbed while trying to explain her shattered heart. "I can't even tell you," she said. " I wouldn't want any, any, other mother to ever, ever have to deal with anything like this because I miss her."

Ferrell is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs about 180 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes and is African American. 

Officers have not identified any persons of interest.

"We are not going to stop looking for Najah," Nugent said. "We will never stop."