Inside Deals: Save Up to 82% — Smartwatch, Digital Scale, Neck Pillow and Electric Massager

Don’t miss these limited-time deals at deep discounts.

Inside Edition has teamed up with and their lifestyle expert Valerie Greenberg, who’s sharing some amazing inside deals at deep discounts.

Morning Save

1. Remarkable GoodZ Chrono-Max Smartwatch — $39 (82% off)


The all-in-one water-resistant smartwatch and fitness tracker monitors your steps, distance and calories, while its health monitor tracks heart rate, sleep, blood pressure and blood oxygen. It also comes in four different colors!

2. Vanity Planet Work It Digital Scale & Body Analyzer — $39 (73% off)


So much more than a standard scale, the company says it measures: weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, and water weight. It also can store up to eight unique user profiles.

3. TRAKK Travel Massage Pillow — $39 (61% off)


This u-shaped neck pillow and electric massager, which comes in blue or black, is made of pure memory foam with a velvet cover.