Inside Edition Reaches a Milestone 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Here's a look at our most-watched YouTube videos of all time. Thanks for watching!

It’s a milestone we're proud to share: we just passed 10 million subscribers on YouTube!

And the number of total views is astounding. Our stories have been watched on the platform 17.3 billion times, making us number one by a long shot, way ahead of Fox News' 9.8 billion and CNN’s 10.8 billion views.

Our story testing whether dogs would protect their owners during a break in has been viewed more than 61 million times.

In second place is a story we call the “World's Chillest Man,” who sat there cool as ice as an armed robber held up the bar where he was having a drink.

It’s been viewed 62 million times and counting.

And remember the backpack kid? He's the teen who stole the spotlight from Katy Perry on “Saturday Night Live.”

We took Russell Horning to Times Square in 2017, and his dance has been viewed on our YouTube channel 63 million times. And that number keeps growing even after five years!

So thanks for making us number one! You can stay up to date on our latest videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

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