Inside Edition's Jim Moret Helps His Elderly Parents Book COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

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The new head of the Centers for Disease Control says the government isn’t sure how many doses of the COVID-19 vaccine they have. Local vaccination sites often don’t know they’re getting a shipment until just hours before it arrives.

As the Biden administration prioritizes fixing the logistics issues, millions of people are desperately trying to get the vaccine for loved ones. Inside Edition’s own chief correspondent Jim Moret knows the struggle all too well. Over the weekend, he went on a 20-hour quest to book vaccine appointments for his elderly parents in Los Angeles

He used two computers and recruited his daughter and sister to help. On Friday evening, there was no luck, so they took up the pursuit again on Saturday. Hour after hour, they encountered the unwelcome message that the appointments were all full.

“I’m looking at my phone and I’m upset,” Moret’s mom said.

Finally, on Saturday evening, spaces started to open up. Moret was able to book appointments for his parents. “I was so thrilled. This time I was crying happy tears instead of sad tears. I have been crying for three days straight,” Moret’s mom said.

Both of Moret’s parents are at high risk for COVID-19. His 80-year-old mom is a liver transplant survivor. His dad has Parkinson’s and recently suffered a heart attack. Monday morning, they headed off to Dodger Stadium, where long lines snake around the parking lot.

California has one of the lowest vaccine distribution rates of any state. Adding to the frustration, at Dodger Stadium, there have been wait times of up to five hours. Luckily, there was no such delay for Moret’s parents, with their appointments right on time.


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