Inside 'Hot Ones': Interview Show Features Celebs Like Ricky Gervais and Terry Crews

The show involves celebs consuming hot sauces of increasing strength.

The hottest show on the internet is called "Hot Ones" from the people at First We Feast

In the series, celebrity guests like Terry Crews, Shawn Mendes and Charlize Theron are given hot sauces of increasing strength.

Crews’ episode has been viewed more than nine million times. 

Comedian Ricky Gervais thought he could take the heat, until the sauce got too intense. 

Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander, who loves spicy food, also wanted to give it a shot.

She made it up the ladder of hotness and up to level 6 with no problem. 

She was able to complete the challenge at level 10, but admits it was "easily the hottest hot sauce I’ve ever tasted."

Host Sean Evans said he was impressed with her results. 

New episodes of "Hot Ones" air every Thursday on YouTube and