Inside the 'Invisible Box': How to Do the Latest Craze Taking the Internet by Storm

High school cheerleader Ariel Olivar became an internet sensation as she perfected the stunt.

A high school cheerleader is turning heads with her flawless attempt of the latest craze sweeping social media — the “invisible box challenge." 

Participants appear to walk on air as they step onto and over an invisible box. Most people who try the new fad fail miserably.

Texas high school cheerleader Ariel Olivar perfected the stunt and video of her performance has gone viral after it was posted to Twitter Saturday. 

The 11th grader from Manvel High School makes it look so easy. 

The junior even came to New York City to show Inside Edition how it's done. 

“First, you've got to show them there's nothing there,” she said. “Now, you're gonna pat about a foot off the ground. Remember where your hand is, and put your foot there.” 

She says you have to keep the foot that is "on the box” in the same spot the entire time, and the other foot must go above it when you make the jump. 

“The key is to have the core strength and the leg strength to get this foot over the box,” she added.