Inside O.J. Simpson's Life Now: Today on Inside Edition

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Nearly 25 years after his wife and her friend were brutally murdered, O.J. Simpson is loving life. 

Simpson was acquitted of the murders, though he was later found liable in a civil case brought by the families. He now lives in a gated community in Vegas. Get the inside scoop on his life now. 

Were JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette having troubles in their marriage a year before they were killed in a tragic plane crash? A new book, "The Kennedy Heirs," explores their relationship and more. Read an excerpt here

Students at a high school in Oregon pulled off their senior prank by moving hundreds of desks out of classrooms and into the hallway. How the principal reacted

And did a woman's home security camera capture Dobby the house elf? Inside Edition asked an expert to weigh in. 

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