Did This High School Prank Go Too Far?

The school's principal is requiring the students involved to pay $47 to cover the cost of cleaning up the prank.

Did this high school prank go too far?

Students at Gladstone High School in Oregon celebrated their impending graduation by going into the school early Friday morning and moving hundreds of desks out of classrooms and into the hallways. The seniors also replaced erasers with hot dogs.

While many think senior pranks are harmless rites of passage, the school's principal didn't see this one as a laughing matter.

The principal emailed parents about the stunt, threatening to not let students walk at graduation and get the police involved.

It left students and parents stunned.

Now, Gladstone's principal said he will let the students walk. However, he said that those involved will have to pay $47 each to cover the cost of cleaning up the prank.