Egging Prank Leaves 45-Year-Old Mom Dead, 14-Year-Old Charged With Murder: Cops

The teen driving the SUV sped through a red light and fatally struck 45-year-old Silvia Zavala.

A 14-year-old Texas boy is being charged with murder after an egging prank resulted in the death of a 45-year-old mom visiting her family on New Year’s Day, according to police.

Silvia Zavala, 45, had come to Houston to celebrate the holidays when her truck was hit by an SUV running a red light.

She was killed at the scene, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said.

Unbelievable … and yet another fatal car crash,” Gonzalez tweeted shortly after the incident. “It’s only the first day of the year.”

The 14-year-old driver and two other teens in the SUV were allegedly driving around and throwing eggs at cars on Tuesday afternoon.

The teens claimed that another driver began chasing their SUV with a gun, which led to them speeding through a red light.

That’s when their SUV collided with Zavala’s pickup truck, killing her, Gonzalez said.

“The deceased female was totally innocent; seems she had just gone shopping based on some debris strewn at [the] scene," Gonzalez said.

"As parents we need to take care of our kids,” Zavala’s sister Fabiola Zavala told KTRK. “One knows their kids. If you know your son is a bad kid you need to be on top of them. What are they up to? Who are they hanging out with?"

Zavala’s daughter Jessica Gaspar said her mom had been on her way back from the family celebration at the time of the fatal crash.

“She couldn’t say bye,” Gaspar said.

The unidentified 14-year-old broke his ankle in the crash and was charged with murder and booked into the county juvenile detention center.

The other two teens in the car were released to their parents at the scene. reached out for more information about whether the teen had entered a plea but did not immediately hear back.