Instagrammer Denies Accusations That She Cheated in Half-Marathon

Did Bre Tiesi-Manziel really run the fastest women's mile ever?

Did Johnny Manziel's wife cheat during a half-marathon?

Allegations of improper behavior are being raised by some after Bre Tiesi-Manziel, a fitness Instagrammer, finished the Divas half-marathon in Temecula, California, with record-breaking splits. 

Overall, Tiesi-Manziel completed the 13.1 mile race in 1:58:22, course records show. That's an average 9:06-per-mile pace overall, better than the average woman, but not earth-shattering

It's when you take a closer look at Tiesi-Manziel's splits that have some raising questions. According to course records, she finished the first 6.4 miles in 1:32:14, at a pace of 14:15 per mile. If her finishing time of 1:58:22 is accurate, that means Tiesi-Manziel ran the remaining 6.7 miles of the race at a blistering roughly four minutes per mile, faster than the current world record for just a single mile, which was set by Svetlana Masterkova in 1996. 

Simply put, that's "impossible," said Derek Murphy, founder of

"It's real clear there were some miles missed in there," he told Inside Edition. 

He suggested that Tiesi-Manziel may have cheated for "likes," inflating her achievement for social media glory. 

"... I can definitely see where it's possible she made the wrong turn," he said. "I'm not going to say she intended to cheat but once she crossed the line making those posts, you know, she definitely intended to exaggerate or mislead."

Photos of the 11-mile marker, posted to social media by Tiesi-Manziel as evidence she completed the course as required, could have been easy to fake, Murphy said, as she would have seen it on the first loop and been able to snap a photo then.

Social media sleuths who noticed the discrepancy were quick to rip Tiesi-Manziel apart. 

"She cut the course. Didn't actually run the full race," said one. 

For her part, Tiesi-Manziel is standing by the world-record pace, denying that she cheated and calling the accusations of cheating "sad and pathetic" in a since-deleted Instagram Story.