Ireland’s Favorite Walrus Spotted Climbing Onto Inflatable Boat

Wally the walrus was caught on tape trying to float on an inflatable boat.

Ireland’s Wally the Walrus was caught on camera taking a ride on an inflatable boat.

Wally, a celebrity in Ireland, was seen hoisting himself onto an empty inflatable boat in Ardmore Bay on Ireland’s southern coast.

As shown in the video, it took him a while to get there, but he was determined.

The walrus spent months traveling to the coasts of Britain, France and Spain after being seen for the first time in Ireland in March 2021.

According to Declan Murphy, who was responsible for the video of the sea mammal trying to take a boat ride, it is still unknown why Wally is wondering those warmer seas alone.

Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI) took to Facebook to urge people to remember to not to approach Wally if they spot him.

"If you are lucky enough to spot the walrus, we ask that you please avoid approaching him within 100m," they stated in a Facebook post.

Walruses are semi-aquatic, the SRI wrote.

"This walrus has been known to climb onto ribs and boats to have a rest, which can cause damage to property and put his safety at risk," they wrote. They also noted this "also means that they are more vulnerable to human disturbances."

The SRI said it's in need of donations of an unused rib or pontoon, "which can be used as a designated site for him to haul out on and have a rest."

They also asked that people who do spot Wally "resist the urge to share his exact location publicly until there is a system in place for him to be monitored throughout the day, with a safe, designated haul-out site for him to rest on undisturbed." 

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