Is Comedy Dead? New Doc Warns of How PC Culture Is Ruining Comedy

“They are trying to censor everybody for everything,” Adam Carolla told Inside Edition. 

Adam Carolla explores how the need to be politically correct could kill comedy in a new documentary.

Is comedy dead? Comedian Adam Carolla warns it could happen.

“They are trying to censor everybody for everything,” Carolla told Inside Edition. 

In the new documentary “No Safe Spaces,” Carolla teams up with other comedians and conservative talk show host Dennis Prager to explore how the need to be politically correct threatens comedy and free speech.

“We have to be modulated and I’m a little worried about it, a little alarmed about things I cannot say. I do it anyway,” Tim Allen said in the documentary. 

Last year, Kevn Hart stepped down from hosting the Oscars after homophobic jokes he had made resurfaced on Twitter.

Dave Chappelle's most recent comedy special also came under fire for his controversial jokes.

Comedian Shane Gillis was fired from “SNL” before he even started after his bigoted remarks from a podcast went public.

Kathy Griffin's career hit the skids after she posted an image of her holding a decapitated head made to look like President Trump.

Even the director of "Joker" alludes to the death of comedy.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, director Todd Philips laid out his concerns. 

“Go try to be funny nowadays with this woke culture,” Phillips said. “There were articles written about why comedies don’t work anymore — I’ll tell you why, because all the f***ing funny guys are like, ‘F*** this shit, because I don’t want to offend you.’”