Is It Safe to Travel on Spring Break This Year? Florida Braces for 2nd Spring Break Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

If you’re still set on spring break plans, experts say there are things you can do to have a safer vacation.

No mask mandates or travel restrictions, along with ideal weather and white sand beaches have made the state of Florida ground zero for spring break vacationers. Thousands have descended on the state, worrying health officials about the possible consequences.

“I haven’t thought about COVID in awhile. I feel like not a lot of people are getting it anymore, I don’t know,” one beachgoer told Inside Edition.

In Fort Lauderdale, most of the college students Inside Edition spoke to said they’ve already had COVID-19.

“I’ve already had it actually and I do have the vaccine, so I’m living my best life,” another said.

Local businesses are being told to comply with social distancing rules. Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis says the city is ready.

“The people that are coming here are finally able to breathe and enjoy themselves. They’ve been cooped up all winter, in fact, for the whole year. They’re able to come here where it’s bright and sunny, out in the fresh air. It’s the healthiest place to be,” Trantalis told Inside Edition.

But some health experts say all of the activity may be too much too soon.

“All we need to do is look to Europe to see what could happen here,” UCLA epidemiology professor Dr. Anne Rimoin told Inside Edition. “Right now, Italy is going into lockdown. We have other countries in Europe going into lockdown. And that’s because, as restrictions start to relax, we give this virus more opportunity to spread.”

If you’re still set on spring break plans, experts say there are things you can do to have a safer vacation, including driving instead of flying to your destination, staying outdoors when possible and sticking with the people you came with. Lastly, avoid places where masks and other restrictions have already been lifted.