Jamie Lee Curtis Officiates ‘Halloween’ Superfan’s Wedding 1 Hour Before He Loses Battle With Cancer

In 2019, Anthony Woodle was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and would give fans daily updates on how he was doing.

Jamie Lee Curtis gave one dying fan his wish as she officiated the cancer-stricken “Halloween” aficionado’s wedding only an hour before he lost his battle against cancer.

The “Halloween” obsessed YouTuber Anthony Woodle, 29, began uploading videos to the platform in 2009. His videos documented his love of movies, especially in the horror genre but any chance he could he let his love of John Carpenter’s 1978 classic “Halloween,” known.

The film, which was Jamie Lee Curtis’ breakthrough role, was special to him. When Woodle, an aspiring director, proposed to his fiancee, Emily, the special moment took place inside a haunted house.

In 2019, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and would give fans daily updates on how he was doing.

His co-workers at the Terrace Theater in Charleston, South Carolina, contacted director David Gordon Green, who helmed the 2018 reboot of “Halloween,” after it became clear that Woodle’s cancer was terminal.

Curtis, who starred in Green’s remake, and the shelved “Halloween Kills,” which was supposed to arrive this year but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was introduced to Woodle. The pair got to talking after Woodle was allowed to watch the unreleased “Halloween” film.

“And so David showed him a movie that no one in the world has seen. He showed Anthony and his fiance Emilee the ‘Halloween’ movie. Which I thought was a beautiful gesture, so I followed it up by calling Anthony and starting a conversation to say I could tell him any secret. It turned out, I also offered to marry him, because I am an officiant,” she said.

Curtis officiated the wedding over Zoom recently. An hour after the ceremony, Woodle succumbed to the cancer.

“When I married them over Zoom, they held this in their hand, and that picture was taken an hour before he died. It turned out to be something incredibly moving, but also very life-affirming,” she said.