Jayme Closs 'Is Not Quite the Same' After 88 Days in in Captivity, Grandfather Says

New photos show where the 13-year-old was allegedly kept while she was missing.

The snowy Wisconsin cabin where Jayme Closs was believed to be held captive for 88 days has been found in the days after her escape. 

Inside Edition visited the remote cabin, which is set back from the road and surrounded by trees. It was once a family home and features a sign that reads "Patterson's Retreat" above the front door.

The yard was scattered with old cars and machinery, and in the garbage was a box of female adult diapers and empty cans of alcoholic beverages. In the back of the home, there was a window to the basement where it's believed Closs was being held. The tiny room had a small twin bed with a crumpled up floral comforter. There were stuffed animals strewn about in the corner and bins holding what looked like art supplies.

Upstairs, the living room was cluttered with outdated furniture, including a coffee table covered with books, including a copy of “U.S. Armed Forces Survival Guide.”

Jake Thomas Patterson, 21, has been charged with kidnapping Closs and killing her parents. He once told his high school classmates that he planned to join the Marines but he never signed up. Instead, neighbors said he spent his days unemployed and alone, cooped up in his family's cabin.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald led the search for Closs. He spoke to Inside Edition from the jail where Patterson is being held.

“There appears to be no connection between the Closs family, anyone in the Closs family and Mr. Patterson,” said Fitzgerald.

The suspect is said to be cooperating, but his motive for kidnapping the teenager remains a mystery.

Closs’ family have posted pictures on social media with their niece after she was found. Her overjoyed aunts and cousin spoke to "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King, saying they are trying to surround Closs with as much love and safety as possible. 

Her grandfather, Robert, was the first to find out the girl had been discovered alive. He shared the voicemail he left for the family: “Jayme’s been found! She’s alive! She’s OK!” 

He said that despite the newly released smiling reunion photos, the ordeal has left its mark on his granddaughter, telling “Good Morning America," “You can tell she is not quite the same.” 

New court documents allege that Patterson had targeted Closs after seeing her boarding a school bus. He previously tried twice to kidnap her but got scared. The documents also state he made Closs hide under a bed for as much as 12 hours at a time with no food or bathroom breaks. She was wearing a pair of the suspect's shoes when she made her escape.