Jayson Greene, Whose 2-Year-Old Greta Was Fatally Struck by Brick in New York, Speaks on Erica Tishman Death

Falling debris happens more than you think.

One day after a prominent architect was killed near Times Square by falling debris, workers put up protective scaffolding over the sidewalk.

The newly installed scaffolding comes too late for Harvard-educated architect Erica Tishman. Sadly, she's not the first to be fatally struck by falling debris.

Greta Greene, 2, was killed in 2015 when a brick fell on her as she was sitting on her grandmother's lap on a bench in New York.

Her father, Jayson, spoke to Inside Edition about the latest incident. 

"I was so saddened to see that another family was going to experience the tragedy that ours did. That another family was going to be shattered," he said. "There really shouldn't be any reason why people in New York or any city really should be afraid for their lives walking around on the sidewalk."

Ben Rubinowitz, the Greene family's attorney, told Inside Edition: “I hope this is a lesson for those building owners who are taking short cuts to say, ‘no more, no more, we're not going to allow this to happen to people in this city or any other city.’”

In Boston, Sonya Bandouil was walking along a street with her boyfriend, looking for a place to eat when suddenly a chunks of stone collapsed on her in 2018. The 22-year-old was buried under the rubble.  

She survived, but the talented concert pianist lost a finger and had to learn how to play without it. 

“I have to rewire my brain, having a disconnect, [thinking] where is this finger,” she told Inside Edition. 

Chaos caused by falling debris is not limited to just brick and stone, as huge chunks of ice fell onto traffic at the George Washington Bridge in New York Wednesday. The incident led authorities to close the bridge during the morning rush hour.