Massive Tornado Sends Debris Flying Through the Air

The twister severed power lines in Canton, Texas, but fortunately no one was injured.

The United States has faced 13 consecutive days of tornado destruction as the powerful storms have ravaged parts of the country. 

Nearly 30 tornadoes were reported between Texas and Ohio Wednesday. One of the twisters slammed through Canton, Texas, causing damage to buildings, according to The Weather Channel.

Video of the tornado tearing through the town showed debris flying through the sky and severing power lines. 

Canton, which is 75 miles east of Dallas, reported no injuries or fatalities despite the destruction. 

Two years ago, Canton saw a deadly tornado rip through the town, causing major damage to homes and businesses. 

On Thursday, cleanup was already underway in Canton.

One business owner, Kevin Dibert, whose convenience store was destroyed, told a local CBS station that all he can do is laugh.

“You go through life and things happen … we built before, we can rebuild again,” Dibert said.