Drone Flies Alongside Tornado in Stunning Video

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A drone flew alongside a tornado in what's believed to be the first time ever one has been recorded at close range. 

Storm chaser Brandon Clement shot the incredible footage from just 50 yards away. 

You can see the tornado swirling as it moves at 35 miles an hour along fields and a pond about 90 minutes outside Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"It's been three years of trying to get this one shot," Clement told Inside Edition. 

The conditions had to be perfect to pull off the "dronado" video. So how'd he do it?

"I put the drone in position to go with the wind instead of fighting it," Clement said, adding that he was helped by the lack of rain. 

Clement also said he's made special adaptations to the drone to help it fly in wet weather. 

The result? A tornado video unlike any ever seen. 


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