Frantic Anchor Tells Reporter to Run as Tornado Touches Down: 'You Need to Move!'

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KCTV's Emily Rittman was reporting live on air when her colleague back at the studio warned her to run from an approaching tornado.

"We're just outside Linwood, Kansas," Rittman told the anchor during the broadcast. "I'm sure you can hear the sirens blaring here."

"You need to move!" the anchor replied. "You need to move right now! [A tornado] is coming straight at you."

Rittman was able to get to safety, but the twister was just one of an incredible 500 tornadoes that have carved a swath of destruction from Texas all the way to New Jersey. Even parts of New York City were under a warning.

It's the heaviest cluster of tornadoes on consecutive days in the last 40 years. 


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