Storm Chaser Comes Dangerously Close to Mammoth Tornado in Heart-Stopping Video

Tornado / David Baxter

David Baxter was too close for comfort as the giant twister raged right next to him.

A storm chaser didn’t need a tornado warning during a recent devastating twister — because he was right next to it. 

David Baxter captured a wedge tornado in northeastern Kansas on May 1.

The twister was just one of more than a dozen storms that caused havoc across Kansas.

During his five-minute video, which he posted on Twitter, the twister could be seen gaining strength and growing just hundreds of feet away from the brave Baxter. 

As the tornado grew, Baxter and his crew drove right toward it. The rain and hail pulverized his vehicle and the sky would get darker as he drove right to the massive funnel cloud. 

As he was driving, a tornado warning came on the radio but it didn’t stop Baxter from studying the storm as it sucked up the earth below it. 

He also posted photos of the twister on Twitter to show its massive size.