Couple Swept Up in Tornado Thought They Were Going to Die: 'It Just Grabbed Us'

They caught the terrifying ordeal on camera.

An Arkansas couple faced a near-death experience when they were swept up by a tornado while driving along a highway.

Savannah and Brandon Boerjan were towing a brand-new camper when they saw the twister.

They filmed the terrifying entire encounter.

“We're gonna die! I love you! I love you!” Savannah screamed as it looked like the tornado was about to hit them.

The couple attempted to speed away from it.

“We really only had one option," Brandon told Inside Edition. "We just had to try and get through it."

But the tornado caught up with them and lifted their vehicle. With a crash, they were thrown to the ground.

In the video, there is praying, screaming, and panicking.

“Brandon, Brandon, I'm scared! Brandon, I'm real ... scared!” Savannah cried.

The couple’s car landed upside down in a ditch and they had to escape through a shattered window.

“There was glass and debris everywhere,” Brandon said.

Miraculously, the couple was unharmed. That was not the case for their new camper, which was destroyed.