Eagle Coated in Ice Warms Up in Oklahoma Game Warden’s Truck

The eagle was covered in ice as a result of a winter storm.

An eagle found covered in ice was defrosted in an Oklahoma game warden’s truck before he released back into the wild earlier this month.

The large bird of prey was practically unable to move when it was found by Game Warden Spencer Grace along the Osage/Kay County line after an ice storm had struck the area.

Ranchers first spotted the eagle on Feb. 20 and Grace arrived on scene to locate the bird, according to a post on the Oklahoma Game Wardens’ Facebook Page.

In a video uploaded by Grace, the eagle is initially seen flying fairly close to the ground, followed by a close-up shot of the eagle plopped on the grass.

A little later, Grace flipped the camera around, showing himself catching his breath after grasping the eagle and putting him in a cage saying, "It wasn’t really easy to get caught up with him."

Through the cage, Grace showed the layer of ice that coated the eagle’s feathers and kept him in his truck for about 45 minutes.

The warden mentioned this kind of weather is really hard on wildlife and they were expecting yet another ice storm the next day.

“Hopefully he’ll be able to regain his energy,” Grace said in the video.

Once Grace was assured the eagle was warm enough, he showed video of him opening the cage and setting the eagle free.

Without hesitation, the majestic bird exited the cage and flew away, landing on a branch in a tree.

“He is landed,” Grace said.

The Facebook post mentioned the eagle ‘flew to his usual perch where the ranchers see it daily.’

Grace said this was the first time he ever had an eagle that did not fly as a result of being coated in ice.