Tornado Seen Ripping Through University in Terrifying Campus Surveillance Footage

Jacksonville State University in Alabama released the startling footage of the March 13 twister.

A powerful tornado can be seen roaring through Jacksonville State University last month in terrifying surveillance footage that has just been released.

Weeks after the devastating EF-3 tornado struck right near the Alabama school, the video allows viewers to experience what it was like on campus.

Views from the Houston Cole Library balcony and circulation desk, as well as the International House halls and back porch, paint a vivid picture of what students and employees went through on March 13.

In the compilation of clips, people can be seen struggling to help others inside as wind blasted through doors. In other shots, debris blows into hallways and campus facilities.

When classes finally resumed on Monday, Jacksonville State University President John Beehler addressed a crowd on campus.

"We are back in operation and poised for a very bright future," Beehler said, according to 

The school says 23 buildings were severely damaged and 50 more were impacted.

Thankfully, however, there was no loss of life.